Lap and Polishing is proven to greatly affect the end result in mould production.
At ATAISU we have dozens of specialist staff dedicated to hand polishing,
using techniques that are impossible to replacate with machinary.
Our techniques which have received large praise from customers are handed down
from our Expert Master Polishers to the next generation to ensure the best quality for years to come.

LAP/Polishing(picture) Six-Devided Carbide

When the carbide is separated into upper and lower sections, it is possible to further divide the upper segment into six.
Using a high precision grinder instead of the traditional wire cutter allows for greater detail.

Six-Devided Carbide(picture) System 3R

Through utilizing the system 3R we able to cope with various machines without centering between processes.
This enable us the ability to improve precision and shorten the time required to change set up working hours.

System 3R_01(picture) System 3R_02(picture) 5-Axis Machining Center

Amongst our YASUDA 5-axis machinery we have installed an advanced robot arm that performs automated work changing parts and moving tools as required.
This system allows for speedy uninterrupted unsupervised production,
Meaning continued work 24/7 all years round.

5-Axis Machining Center(picture) 3D Measuring Instrument

Our two measuring instruments made by Carl Zeiss are amongst the most precise
in the world, they allow us to take measurements accurately down to the finest detail.

3D Measuring Instrument(picture) Vacuum Tempering Furnace

We have three vacuum tempering furnaces on site, meaning we can oversee and control all stages of production ensuring quality all through out.

Vacuum Tempering Furnace(picture)